Root Canal Treatment

Although Root Canal Therapy (RCT) is a procedure that makes many people feel uneasy, at The Dental Bach, it is a restorative treatment that can be completed in relaxed comfort.

Root Canal Therapy involves the removal of a diseased or injured nerve from inside the tooth. It is done to save a tooth that without treatment may otherwise need to be removed.

With the many pain relief options available it is not a painful procedure, but requires detailed and precise work and therefore is usually carried out over several appointments. It is also necessary to take x-rays during the treatment.

Once you are comfortable, a rubber sheet – called a dam – is placed around your tooth. This will protect surrounding teeth and prevent infection.

Using very fine instruments, the diseased or damaged nerve is removed and the tooth root chamber is cleaned. It is then filled with a biocompatible rubber compound for additional strength.

Often much of the tooth surface needs to be removed, therefore your tooth may require a crown at the completion of the RCT to restore strength, appearance and function.