Dental Hygiene Treatment

Oral Hygiene | Healthy Mouth, Happy Body

Many people are unaware that the bacteria associated with dental diseases can also affect many other areas of the body. Links with various conditions and diseases can include various cardiac conditions, early onset diabetes and low-weight babies at birth. Through preventive dentistry a healthy mouth aids in maintaining a healthy body. So when we look after our mouth, we’re also looking after our overall health.

6 monthly appointments are the key

We like to arrange your examination and cleaning appointments 6 months in advance. This helps keep up-to-date with your oral care and not let time and a busy life get in the way. It also gives us an opportunity to regularly ‘touch base’ to see that you are managing their oral care routine correctly. This is important for maintaining optimal long term oral health.

It’s the perfect combination of regular professional care and great personal habits that are essential to preventing decay, gum disease, gingivitis, periodontitis, and other dental disorders.